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Friends Only

As of September 8, 2005, this journal is 100%

If you can handle incessant fangirling and obsessing about certain bands (Hanson, Gogol Bordello), movies (Back to the Future, Lord of the Rings), TV shows (Buffy, Supernatural, The Invisible Man) and books (Harry Potter, Stephen King) and want to be my supercool friend, then leave a comment here. It would be nice if we shared at least some of the things on my list of interests, because I will be talking about them.

You should also know that I'm Finnish, and while most of the entries in my journal are in English, sometimes I'll feel the need to gripe about my life in my mothertongue as well.

Please don't just friend me without letting me know here, I might not notice! If you just ask, I'll most likely add you, I love making new friends!
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